‘Forest Noise’ 3.14.17


We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing our new Cicada Shells album, ‘Forest Noise’, on March 14th. The album will be available through digital outlets and on limited edition cassette tape as well. Written and recorded between 2012-2015, ‘Forest Noise’ sat in a state of limbo of sorts while we focused on solo projects, beat tapes, band endeavors, and life. With that being said, the ground temperature is now where it needs to be for this project to breach the earth. Featuring instrumentation from Eric Brown (drum kit) and Troy Padilla (guitar) on select songs, ‘Forest Noise’¬†explores left field hip-hop/rap song writing & production from various angles. Look out for physical and digital ordering information soon, brought to you by the fine folks at Audio Recon and lost cult.